The Book and Bucket Cheese Company hand make award winning artisan cheese in the heart of Dorset from sheep and cow's milk. All our milk is sourced locally, collected within 24hrs of being milked and is made into cheese that day. 

We have a selection of cheeses that we hand make:


Sheep's Milk Cheese

Hardy's - a hard, Manchego style cheese 

Austen - our take on a traditional Feta

Hemingway - a delicious, crumbly salad cheese

Shakespeare - to Brie or not to Brie? Our white bloom rind cheese

Burns - a traditional 'squeaky' Halloumi cheese

Smokey Burns - an oak smoked Halloumi

Orwell - our delicious soft cheese

Cow's Milk Cheese

Blyton - our Dorset Brie

Potter - a curd soft cheese

Cranborne Blue - a creamy Blue cheese.

Huxley -  a Halloumi style cheese

Huxley Fire - Halloumi with Dorset Naga Chilli

Wordsworth - our golden Gouda style cheese

Smoked Blyton - our Dorset brie smoked over applewood chips

Limited/Special Edition Cheese

Wilde - our soft cheese made with foraged wild garlic

Truffle Potter - our soft cheese with added Black truffle

Smoked Wordsworth - our Gouda, smoked over Dorset Oak

Truffle Wordsworth - our Gouda with added Black truffle

Golding - our Riccota Salata, made exclusively for The Pig restaurants

Truffle Golding - our Riccotta Salata with added Black truffle,

made exclusively for The Pig Restaurants. 


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Shakespeare wins GOLD at this year's World Cheese Awards. 

We are thrilled to announce that our Shakespeare cheese recently won a coveted GOLD award at this year's World Cheese Awards. 

Over 4000 cheeses were judged by 250 judges at this year's awards, from countries across the globe. 

Our Brie style cheese made from local sheep's milk was awarded the GOLD award. 

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Bronze 2021.png
GT 20 2-star_1600692943.jpg
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DFDFA - Finalist - Best Product Producer
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