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The Book and Bucket Cheese Company - Shakespeare Brie - British Cheese
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The Book & Bucket Cheese Company

Award winning cheese, handmade in the heart of Dorset.

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Introducing Stowaway

We are thrilled to announce that we have been working with the Development Chefs at Cunard to develop 2 unique new cheeses. Stowaway, a sheep's milk cheddar style cheese was launched on Queen Anne's maiden voyage, with a secod cheese due to be launched later this year. 

"Shakespeare is a very attractive Brie-style sheep's milk cheese. A pure white soft bloomy rind with a delicious soft, pale creamy paste. The aroma was fresh and clean with a hint of hay. The correct mild lactic acid notes along with a little saltiness made this a wonderful little cheese."

"Hardys is a very attractive sheep's milk cheese full of natural character. A very distinct farmyard aroma. The texture of the rind was rough and waxy, and the paste firm and dense, The tiny eye holes are characteristics of a good Manchego cheese. The flavour was deep, intense and complex, offering a multitude of sweetness, onions, nuts, milk and lanolin. A well crafted product."

Some of our favourites

Visit our online shop to discover our full range of cheeses and selection of curated hampers. 

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