Our Dorset crumbly cheese perfect for salads, and made with 100% sheep's milk


Now Available 


Our Dorset Blue cheese, 

the show stopper of your cheese board

In development 

available soon


Our squeaky cheese is perfect for grilling and BBQ's


Now Available 


We have taken our popular salad cheese and matured it in Kalamata Olive Brine

unusual and amazing

Now Available


To Brie or Not to Brie,

That is the question

Our white bloom cheese with a mottled rind as it ages to perfection

Now Available


Our signature sheep milk cheese, finished with a local touch, taking it to the next level of WOW


Now Avaliable


a creamy  soft sheep's milk cheese perfect to spread on fresh warm  crusty bread


Now Available 



We have taken our popular squeaky cheese and had it naturally smoked for 15 hrs over oak chips that have been soaked in scrumpy cider !

A stunning addition to our range, can be eaten cold, grilled or used as a meat free bacon replacement in cooking  

Now Available

Smokey Burns