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The Book and Bucket Cheese Company - Cheese Hamper - British Cheese - Artisan Cheese


The Book and Bucket Cheese Company was founded by Peter Morgan and has been in the works for several years. Peter was originally asked to develop cheeses with the purpose of making small handmade batches of the highest quality and supplying them to local restaurants and farm shows. The success of the cheeses has led Peter to slowly increasing production to supply selected outlets within the South West.

When Peter started to make cheese, he sought the advice of people that had between them over 120 years experience in the industry. They each said the starting point was to buy some books and read as much as possible. After that it is just “bucket science” and to keep playing until you make something you like - and you think someone will buy!


In January 2019, with a bucket full of recipes and ideas and the help of friends, Peter launched the Book and Bucket Cheese Company. 

In April of 2020, amidst the first of many lockdowns for the UK due to the Covid19 Pandemic, a struggling local farmer asked for help with his milk surplus due to hospitality being closed. Peter worked hard to turn that milk into new cheeses and has since launched 7 cow's milk cheeses. 

Peter also used the time in lockdowns to collaborate with local Head Chefs and now has two cheeses made exclusively for The Pig Hotels and Restaurants and one made in collaboration with The Pig which can be found both on their menus and in our online shop. 

Peter has won a swathe of awards, both as a Producer and for many of his individual cheeses. Three quarters of the range of cheeses have now been awarded one or more awards and The Book & Bucket Cheese Company was also awarded 'Best Producer' at the Dorset Food, Drink & Farming Awards in 2020.

In 2021, Shakespeare (a Brie type cheese made from sheep's milk) was awarded a GOLD medal at the World Cheese Awards. The World Cheese Awards is one of the most prestigious Cheese competitions and in 2021, saw over 4000 cheeses enter from around the world. 

Since 2021, Peter has had 3 more awards from the World Cheese Awards (2 Silvers and a Bronze), as well as more Great Taste gold stars. You can find a full list here

The Book & Bucket Cheese Company is a member of both Dorset Food & Drink and Hampshire Fare. 


We have built some long lasting relationships with the Farmers who supply our milk.

Despite the difficulties caused by the Pandemic in 2020, we have worked hard to continue to get our supply of Sheep and Cow's milk from local farmers, even helping them out when their wholesale hospitality orders fell through. 

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