So, why The Book & Bucket ? 

Several years ago, I was asked to develop cheeses with the purpose of making small handmade batches of the highest quality and supplying them firstly to local restaurants and farm shows - and then slowing increasing production to supply selected outlets within the South West.


When I started to make cheese, I sought the advice of people that had between them over 120 years’ experience in the industry.  They each said the starting point was to buy some books and read as much as possible.  After that it is just “bucket science”.  Keep playing until you make something you like - and you think someone will buy!


That’s how the Book & Bucket was born!


The last 20 years have seen a significant growth in the range of British cheese being made with the non-cow dairy section seeing some of the largest growth.


In January 2019, with my bucket full of recipes and ideas together with the help of friends I launched my own Dorset based Artisan Cheese Company.


The Book & Bucket Cheese Company Ltd, named in recognition of where the journey started.


Peter Morgan


01258 446177

Unit 2, Manor Farm, Cranborne, Dorset  

BH21 5RL

The Book & Bucket Cheese Company Ltd, Registered Office - 158 Charminster Road, Bournemouth,


Dorset, BH8 8UU. 

Company Registration No: 1157467