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Smoked Blyton

Smoked Blyton


Special Edition.

A rich creamy cow's milk brie, with wonderful mushroomy notes, using 100% Dorset cows milk. Once the Brie has been made, it is then smoked over applewood chips, to give a light and sweet smokey finish. Something very special for your cheese board, or baked in the oven (our favourite is to wrap in foil and place on the BBQ for a short time until it oozes, then dip in some crusty bread)


Pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians.


Please note that this Brie will continue to ripen in the fridge, so depending on personal preference it can be eaten young as a slightly firm brie, or left to ripen to a soft oozy brie with a strong earthy nose and mushroomy finish.


Minimum shelf life 14 Days.

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