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Recipe for Braised Oxtail & Creamed Hardy Cheese Polenta - by James Golding at The Pig Hotels.

We had great fun working with James Golding, Exec Chef from The Pig Hotels to come up with this recipe.

Ingredients for the Braised Oxtail

8x pieces of Oxtail 2x onions 2x Garlic cloves 2x Carrots 1x Bay leaf 10x sprigs of thyme 500ml chicken stock 500ml beef/veal stock Salt & Pepper Method

  1. Season & dear the oxtail in a frying pan

  2. Chop and sweat all the veg & herbs in a cast iron or a covered oven proof dish

  3. Combine together and pour stock to cover meat them place in a pre heated oven for 3 hours at 160c or until falling off the bone.

  4. When cooked remove meat and pass stock and reduce.

Ingredients for the Hardy Cheese Polenta 100g polenta 250ml whole milk 1x Garlic clove 1x Bay leaf 50g butter 100g the Book and Bucket’s Hardy cheese Salt & Pepper Method

  1. Warm milk with garlic & herbs.

  2. When simmering remove bay leaf & add polenta then cook out.

  3. Add butter, cheese and a little milk if too dry & season.

Ingredients for the spinach dressing Spinach (blanched & refreshed) 1x lemon (zest & Juice) Olive oil Parmesan Garlic Method

  1. Blanch spinach & chop

  2. Place in bowl and add lemon zest, olive oil, Parmesan & garlic.

  3. Season to taste and add juice & spinach before serving.


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