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A traditional 'squeaky' halloumi cheese which has an amazing depth of flavour and creates perfect caramelisation when cooked. 

This cheese is made by warming the milk and adding (vegetarian) rennet, which helps separate the milk into curds and whey. Once this has happened, the curds are moulded and the whey is heated further. The moulded curds are then returned to the hot whey to cook. Once ready, the cheese then floats to the top and can be removed and cooled before being salted in brine. It is the cooking process that gives halloumi the distinctive squeaky texture.


Our take on a traditional feta. 

This creamy feta is packed full of flavour and has the perfect balance of acidity to cut through the salt, making it perfect to pair with a traditional Greek salad.


Our velvety soft cheese that packs a big flavour.


We make our soft cheese slightly different to most and we add a large amount of culture to produce its unique texture. This culture is added around 40 mins before (vegetarian) rennet is added and the resulting set milk is then ladled into moulds. Once it is left overnight it can then be lightly salted before being transferred into the fridge.


Most soft cheese are normally ready at this point in the process but because of the high level of culture, the cheese will continue to soften as it ages, allowing the flavour to further develop. We love to pair the cheese on warm crusty bread with a drizzle of honey of fresh herbs.


Our Signature Dorset Hard Cheese liked by many to a mature manchego, it works well on a cheese board or adds a mature cheesy depth to any dish as it melts and bubbles to a golden brown.

This cheese is sealed with a local rapeseed oil when it is first made and then left to develop a natural mould rind. We also press the cheese for around 18 hours. The cheese is then aged to around 9 months, giving a nutty sweetness. Hardy's is turned daily for the first month and then turned weekly for the remainder of its maturing where we keep the humidity at 85% and temperature of 11c. 


To Brie or not to Brie? Our white Bloom Rind cheese.


The key to our brie is all about the storing and aftercare. The cheese is individually salted which is measured out depending on the actual weight of each cheese and it is this rubbing of salt onto the surface that breaks down the cheese under the rind.

The maturing conditions must be maintained at 90% humidity to prevent moisture loss and temperature is kept constant to control the rate of maturing. Each cheese is hand turned daily with the first mould growth showing after 4 days. The cheese is finally ready to eat after 6 weeks. 

We can also wrap this cheese and move it to a high humidity fridge

to finish off, if a soft runny cheese with a complete breakdown of structure is required.


Our Dorset crumbly, salad cheese matured in Kalamata Olive Brine for a minimum of 4 weeks. The brine not only gives the cheese a striking red colour but an intense olive flavour that will surprise your taste buds.

Hemingway is made in the feta style but this cheese is ripened to lower the acidity. This gives the cheese an acidic balance to cut through the high salt level of being stored in the Kalamata Olive Brine.


Our Dorset Oak Smoked Halloumi.

The Burns Halloumi cheese is cold smoked for 15 hours over oak chips that are dampened down with scrumpy cider. The aroma when this cheese is cooking is to die for!


Smokey Burns works well in vegetarian dishes as a replacement for smoked bacon.

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A seasonal version of Orwell, which is made with added wild garlic which we forage on the Cranborne estate. 

This seasonal cheese is something special, with the vibrant green flecks of wild garlic adding both a wonderful aroma and colour to any cheeseboard. It also works so well in many dishes, from a pizza topping to a spring alternative in cheese scones.

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